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Tabbouleh with dates and caramelized chicken

Far from the traditional recipe, I have for you a tabbouleh with dates and caramelized chicken, with oriental accents. I spotted this recipe years ago in a magazine. But why did I wait so long before doing it?

For 2 people
2 small chicken breasts
1/2 red pepper
120g couscous seed
150ml of water
14ml olive oil
A dozen pitted dates
20g raisins
1 tbsp honey
Salt, pepper, lemon, mint

Cut the chicken into cubes and caramelize it in the honey. Book. In a bowl, place the semolina, boiling water, olive oil, salt, pepper, grapes and dates. Let swell 10 minutes. Peel and add the chopped pepper, a little lemon and mint. Mix with the chicken and serve immediately.